We are collective of young, dream ,adventurous spirits designers and architects who have come together to create a new way of vacation that leads the new trend of the times - space capsule resort.
The story of VESSEL begins with a reverence for nature and a pursuit of a new lifestyle, committed to create a living approach that is more flexible, sustainable, and seamlessly integrated with nature. We have recognized the issue of a growing disconnect between people and nature in today's urbanization process and are determined to reconstruct the habitat in harmony with nature by challenging traditional architecture.Our goal is to create " hidden architecture " that extend the presence of buildings onto the natural landscape.
Our design inspiration comes from the vessels on the sea, hence the name "VESSEL", symbolizing the spirit of adventure, freedom, and exploration. We aim to blur the boundaries with nature through architectural language, using the VESSEL as a vehicle to experience the landscape. Like a ship sailing into the scenery, it allows one to freely navigate into the embrace of nature, whether it be forests, mountains, lakes, or beaches, and find a sense of home. We believe that everyone should have a unique living experience, a mobile home that can freely float through space and time.
Over the past six years, the VESSEL team has strived for excellence and served hundreds of businesses and clients worldwide, with loyal partners across the globe. Leveraging our years of technical expertise and experience in the field, we specialize in providing high-quality, environmentally friendly, and sustainable mobile housing solutions for cultural tourism resorts, boutique residences, public infrastructure, and commercial projects. Our pride lies not only in being industry leaders but also in inspiring more young, visionary design teams and architects to join this field, collectively driving the development and evolution of mobile housing. In the future, VESSEL will continue to explore and innovate, bringing forth more astonishing designs in mobile housing for people to enjoy.

Founding Team

Wang Shuaibin

Chief architect/ Founder

Master of Architecture from RIBA Part II, Royal Institute of Architects, University of Dundee, United Kingdom.
Master of Architecture from Washington University in St.Louis, USA.
His graduation design work became the first ultra-low energy consumption archetype building in Scotland.
Nominated for President Metal Award by the Royal Institute of British Architects in 2013.
Nominated for Annual Outstanding Graduation Design Award by AIA Chicago.

Ding Jizhong

Chairman/ Founder

KUGOU Music Joint founder
Angel investor

Sun Xiaofeng


First Secretary-General of RV Camping Branch of Guangdong Provincial Tourism Association
Vice President of Guangdong Rural Tourism Association
Chairman of Self-driving Tour and Camping RV Branch of China Tourism Association

Luo Guanbao

Chief Engineer/Co-founder

Bachelor of Architecture from Shenzhen University
Worked in Shenzhen Longgang Tianan Digital New Town Co.,Ltd and Hong Kong Huayi Design Consultant Co.,Ltd.

Yin Zhiyong

Brand officer/ Co-founder

Bachelor of Architecture from University of Dundee, United Kingdom.
Master of Architecture from London Metropolitan University.
Part 2 Architect of the Royal Institute of British Architects
+86 18924593551
Shizhong Village, Shishan Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province,China
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